DESIGN CONCEPT    :  Modern Tropical

Space Planning     :  The bungalow design is suitable for a small land lots with minimum size 50’ (wide) x 60’ (long) and minimal budget. The courtyard at the centre of the house is applied for maximum lighting and interaction between interior and exterior space. The separation of the main space (living room, dining room, and kitchen) and the family room and bedrooms gives maximum privacy to the occupants. The lobby faces the fishpond. The verandah acts as the family or guest relaxation area and the sitting level railing is prepared. For maximum lighting and outdoor view, sliding door is provided at the living room near to the fishpond.  The combination of living and dining room gives a more spacious impact to the house space. The kitchen is separated from the dining room. A decorative wood wall divides the main room (living and dining room) and family room and bedrooms. The fishpond faced by the family and master bedroom gives serenity to the occupant. The façade design and modern tropical concept suits the tropic climate with easier roof design to construct. The transparent room and pergola wood is provided at the lobby from the entrance (the small gate) and the parking area.

Design Advantage     :  A special design for a small rectangle lots with minimum size 50’ (wide) x 60’ (long) and low construction budget. The design which applies ‘Courtyard’ element where the fishpond is located at the centre of the bungalow function as ventilation and lighting source in each interior space in the house. The living room is designed together with the dining room. The dining room near to the kitchen facilitates an easier food preparation and serving. The house is elevated 1 ½ feet (450mm) from the ground level and 3 steps of staircase is provided. The simple and practical roof and façade design is easy for construction and meets the requirements of a tropic climate house.


Minimum lot size 
50’W x 60’D / (15.2m x 18.3m)
Minimum lot size (corner lot) 60’W x 60’D / (18.3m x 18.3m)
Bungalow size
30’W x 30’ D / (9.1m x 9.1m)
Single storey bungalow 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms
Car porch 1 bays
Built-up area

937sq.ft (87.0sq.m) + 208sq.ft (19.2sq.ft – car porch + open terrace)

= 1,145sq.ft (106.2sq.m)

Space provided Living area, dining area, family area, kitchen, verandah and lobby.
Room 1 master bedroom, 2 bedrooms
Bathroom 2 bathrooms


Package A    : 13 pages (5 perspectives)
Package B    : 33 pages (18 perspectives)
Package C    : 33 pages (18 perspectives)
Package D    : Plan in CAD/ DWG format + FREE 8 perspectives

bungalow PLANS       LD-28
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