What will you get when you choose to buy Package D, which is the AutoCAD / Dwg format of the bungalow plan (Refer slide 2- 16)?

Slide 2           :  Site Plan - to show the minimum lot size required, the exact location and dimensions of the bungalow after taking into accounts the setback required from local authority.

Slide 3           :  Ground Floor Plan - indicates gridlines with dimensions, given in metric (meter) and imperial (feet) units for easy reference during construction. Furniture layout for each space is also shown on plan. The location of main gate, complete with electric meter, water meter and refuse bin is clearly indicated. Walls are shown in red colour, whereas columns are show in green to make it easier for C&S (engineer) to design the structural layout for the bungalow. Section lines are also shown on plan for easy reference.

Slide 4           :   Roof Plan - to show the overall design of the roof, complete with gradient for each roof profile, position of the concrete roof beams and roof overhangs. Section lines are shown on plan.

Slide 5           :  Section A  - show the cut through the longitudinal section of the bungalow plan which provides information such as the overall height of the bungalow, ceiling level and type of roof trusses used. The concrete slabs and beams are shown in green colour, where as the brick walls are shown in red.

Slide 6           :  Section B  - cuts through the shorter section of the bungalow. The section shows the overall height of the bungalow, type of ceiling, roof trusses used and gradients for each roof profile. Concrete slabs and beams are shown in green. Brick walls are shown in red.

Slide 7 - 10    :  Elevation - 4 elevations are provided which include front, sides and rear elevations. Each elevation shows the design of the facade with various elements such as the type of windows and doors used, the roof design and also the proposed colour scheme.

Slide 11         :  Floor Area Tabulation and Building Specifications.

  1. Floor area tabulation show area for each of the spaces in both square metre (sq.m) and square feet (sq.ft). This will help the contractor to calculate the construction costs for the bungalow and come up with his estimation / quotation.
  2. Material specifications provide information on the proposed type of building material and the quantity required. Besides that, it will also indicate the minimum number (quantity) of electrical and sanitary fixtures required for the bungalow.

Slide 12 - 16 :  FREE 4 Perspective views – 4 free A4 size perspective views in PDF format are also included in Package D.

What are the advantages of purchasing Package D?

  1. To ensure that the owner has purchased the same bungalow plan as the one in the schematic design report.
  2. To make it easier for you or your designer to make amendments to the original design of the bungalow.
  3. Purchasing bungalow plan in AutoCAD (Dwg) format is important especially if you are planning to engage an architect/ registered draughtsman to handle all the process. By having the drawing in AutoCAD format, this will speed up the process of preparing proper documents and drawings for submission to the local authority by the engaged architect/ registered draughtsman.
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